In addition to the pages regarding the MacRobert family, and the two Stirling aircraft that bore the famous name of MacRobert's Reply, there are many other fascinating facts and research surrounding this story. They being produced within this section to keep them in one 'folder' in order of relevance.

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The Prison Camps

The sole survivor, the wireless operator Sgt Donald Jeffs, was first sent to the main POW transit camp at Dulag Luft. From there he was transferred to Stalag VIIIB in Silesia (Poland) where he would spend nearly three years of the war. In January 1945, through a brutal winter, he was one of many thousand POW's who were forced onto the 'Long March' ahead of the advancing Russian Army. He would eventually finish up over 700Km west at Stalag XIIB in Fallingbostal, southern Germany.